The use of medicinal plants and herbal teas is being rediscovered by a growing number of health conscious people world-wide owing to their effectiveness as well as an absence of adverse side effects. Today´s renewed interest in herbs reflects increasing concern about the side effects of powerful synthetic drugs, as well as the desire of many people to take charge of their own health, rather than merely submitting themselves to a sometimes impersonal health care system. People are also rediscovering the healthful benefits of tasty herbs for cooking and aromatic herbs for enhancing and helping to balance mental, spiritual, and physical health.

However they are used, most herbs act gently and subtly. They do not produce the kind of dramatic, immediate results we expect from prescription drugs.
While most herbs aren´t likely to be harmful, be aware that “natural” is not the synonym for “safe”. Like synthetic drugs, herbal preparations may be toxic, cause allergic reactions, or affect your response to other medications. Common sense, care, and forethought are needed when using herbs.

Herbs and herbal preparations can be taken in several different forms:

  • Liquid - Hot Water Extracts = Teas

  • Oil Extracts In Capsules

  • Essential Oils

  • Tinctures

  • Syrups

  • Solid - Tablets, Frozen And Ground Herbs In Capsules

LEROS s.r.o. offers herbs and herbal products which
should be used as hot water infusions - teas.

Herbal Teas - Advantages

In spite of the fact that modern science has brought some new forms of herbal preparations there is currently no discussion about the advantages of the traditional use of medicinal herbal teas:

  • Long tradition of use and proven positive effects on our health

  • Dilute solution of active components

  • Active components are in a form which are easily assimilated by the body

  • Natural combination of active components

  • Freshly prepared hot herbal beverage

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